Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ragi Idiyappam / Ragi Noodles


3 cups of Finger millet flour (Ragi flour)
1 cup of Rice flour
Salt as required
3 cups of water
4 tbsp of oil


Mix water, salt and oil in a pan and boil them. Add the boiled water little by little to the flours and mix thoroughly without forming lumps. keep it aside for 30 mns. Then gently knead to form a smooth dough. Now grease the idli or idiyappam plates with little oil. Take the idiyappam press and fill it with the dough and press them into the idiyappam plates. Steam until done. I usually steam it for 10 minutes.

Remove it from the stove and mix it with sugar, little grated coconut, and cardamom powder. Serve hot or chill.

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  1. Knw wat this has been my fav snce I had it in office during snack time. I got the concord readymade pack yest.....Luv ragi idiyapam.Enaku puliya elam porumai ila :)